Difference Between Paid Searches and Organic Searches

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Difference Between paid searches and Organic Searches

You have probably heard this sentence thousand time that everything is just one click away. The era of science and technology is on the peek now a days. We just put our query on the search engine and it shows thousands of result in no time.  Have you ever questioned how thousands of results appear within seconds?

When we put any query in search engine what ever it is Google, Bing or Yahoo, they show most relevant answers to our queries. Seo also plays important role in prioritizing the most relevant results on searches.

Organic Search

When we put any query in the search engine (Google, Yahoo, or Bing), the list of different links appear below are known as “organic result”. Organic results are derived from organic searches.

The perimeter of organic results is totally quality and relevancy of the page.

Direct traffic that comes from finding these results is considered as “organic search” or “organic traffic”.

  • Organic traffic often acknowledged as most relevant traffic source among all traffic sources for multiple reasons.
  • Organic traffic is the most treatable source of traffic and considered the healthiest traffic for the website.
  • Search engines are quite particular about their rankings. Organic traffic helps in getting a better rank in the short span of time.

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Paid search

Ten years before, the market was not that saturated and getting results on search engines was comparatively easy. As we are living in a digital era and things have changed now. Thousands of websites are being created on daily basis. This is one of the downsides of organic search that it probably takes times in getting traffic.

Generally paid results are those that shows up on the top by paid methods. Generally, the companies pay search engines to show their results on top.

The paid searches generally show us up a yellow dialog box written “ad” on it. People are still unaware of paid results despite of being shown an ad next to the title.

That’s a major reason paid search is so popular among website owners and companies.

Paid search is a great way to increase traffic on the website in a short span of time.  You can also identify paid search as pay-per-click. Google Ad Words is the most used program for generating ads on Google

Final Verdict: Organic search vs Paid search

It completely depends on the individual’s preference. If your field has crazy competition and you don’t want to wait for 3 to 6 months to rank and get the traffic you should opt for paid search.

Paid searches will help you to get visitors by day one and also boost the process of optimization of a website.

On another hand, if you are someone who wants to rely on Seo and doesn’t have extra budget to spend on pay-per-click than organic search is worth opting.

An organic search may take little time but it optimizes the website and boost your rankings in all organic way without harming google algorithm. But make sure stay away from black hat techniques to rank faster.



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